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Reflective Diary 5

Headaches from Hell

I had a client who was told she had to visit me.  She had been suffering from regular and debilitating headaches.  


She has had 6 sessions with a Chiropractor and 6 sessions with a physiotherapist, scans, x-rays, doctor visits and were currently on the waiting list for steroid injections to see if that would help.  A friend mentioned our center and that she HAD to have a treatment.  



After looking at her whilst she was talking I simply asked her “Has anyone ever worked your chest?”  (People watching with a massage therapist is an entirely different sport). 



From her chest I could see that her chest was tight, rolling her shoulders forward.  As a result of this, it would pull your head forward putting pressure on her shoulders, neck and head muscles.  Our skull is designed to be stacked on top of our necks.  This allows the spine to support the weight of our skull/brain.  



After a hot stone massage and some stretching work, she left feeling much better.  She phoned 2 weeks later to rebook saying she hadn’t had a headache in a week and a half, and it was only slightly starting to come back in.  Woohoo!  

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