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Reflective Diary 4

A chance conversation leading to an amazing result

Just before Christmas, I was leaving when I noticed I forgot my laptop.  I went back into Willow to grab it.  As I did a gentleman popped in wondering about our treatments as he had a sore back. 

After discussing with him some of the clinical work we do we started talking about his wife.  She had suffered an aneurysm 8 years ago and was struggling to walk.  He booked her in for a treatment and when I met her I could see the difficulty she was having.  Rather than lifting her leg she was lifting her hip to drag her leg. 

After a lengthy consultation about pain, movement ability, etc we set up a treatment to best suit her. 

One thing I noticed was she would refer to her leg as “it” rather than “my leg”  so there was obvious deep-set frustration with that part of the body. 
So I opted to use a combination of hot stone massage, the Emmett technique, finishing off with a guided meditation.  The guided meditation was used to help her reconnect with her foot and leg in a positive way. If you don’t think something will work, then it won’t.

After the treatment, her husband helped her off the table and the results were incredible!  She walked up and down the shop, lifting her leg more effectively.  She also said she felt a lot more sturdy than before. 

Days like this are why I do this job.  

Thankfully she has come back for several treatments over the years with more and more results.  

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