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Luxurious Facial Massage in Belfast

What is a Facial  Massage?

Facial massage treatment is a type of skin care service that involves applying gentle pressure and strokes to the face and neck.

The purpose of a facial massage is to improve blood circulation, relax facial muscles, reduce stress, and enhance the appearance and health of the skin.

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Very relaxing! Place was very relaxing and made me feel welcome, massage it's self was amazing so relaxing!! 100% will book in again. Would definitely recommend.
  •  Anyone who wants to improve their skin health and appearance

  • Who has specific skin concerns such as acne, dryness, aging, or sensitivity

  • Who needs professional advice on their skincare routine and products.

  • Who wants to relax and enjoy a pampering session
  • People with active skin infections or contagious diseases

  • People with severe allergies or hypersensitivity to facial products

  • People with recent facial surgery or wounds

  • People with medical conditions that affect blood clotting or healing

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding (consult your doctor before having a facial treatment)

Some benefits of a facial massage are:

  • It can improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the face, which can help reduce puffiness and inflammation.

  • It can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which can help prevent wrinkles and sagging skin.

  • It can relax the facial muscles and ease tension, which can help reduce stress and headaches.

  • It can enhance the absorption of skincare products, which can help improve the effectiveness and results of your routine.

A facial massage is a technique that involves gently stroking and kneading the skin and muscles of the face.

It can help to relax facial tension, improve blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and enhance the natural glow of the skin.

A facial massage can be performed by a professional therapist or by oneself using a facial roller, a jade gua sha tool, or the fingers. A facial massage can be done as part of a skincare routine or as a standalone treatment

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