Uses pressure-points on the hands, and feet to encourage healing and relaxation

Reflexology Revitalises The Mind And Unwinds The Body By Focusing Feet

Relaxing, soothing and revitalising all in one treatment

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an amazing Complementary therapy that uses pressure-points on the hands, and feet to encourage healing and relaxation.  At Willow Massage Centre we offer the foot reflexology treatment.  

Reflexology is a practice dating from thousands of years ago in ancient China, and is still used around the world today.  There are even hieroglyphics in the ancient pyramids of doctors using this to treat/diagnose problems.  However, whilst your reflexologist will be able to pick up imbalances in the body we will not be able to give you a diagnosis as to what is going on. 

Everyone from children and adults, to people having palliative care can experience the benefits of this work with a trained therapist. Reflexology is treatment tailored to the clients needs.  It can be a full body management treatment, or a targeted treatment aimed at specific conditions. 

If you are using Reflexology to support treatment of an existing condition, please ensure to give your therapist as many details as possible.  

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  • Experiencing emotional stress, depression or anxiety.


  • Suffering from pain and want targeted relief.


  • Undergoing other healthcare procedures and need relief from symptoms and side-effects.


  • Often have tired or painful feet.


  • Struggle to fall asleep, or have a sleep disorder.


  • IBS, colonitis, digestive problems.  


  • Hormonal problems, such as menopause, post pregnancy etc


  • Asthma, COPD, chest complaints.  

  • Have open wounds on their feet and hands, or skin conditions such as verruca’s, athletes foot and eczema.


  • Showing fever, flu or cold symptoms, which can be amplified by therapies.  


  • Anyone suffering from the effects of alcohol. 

  1. Relieves tension.
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety.
  3. Pain management.
  4. Helps with sleep problems.
  5. Stimulates the nervous system and clears energetic pathways.

As a Massage Therapist I treat people for a range of difficulties.  
When I meet people who are having a difficult time emotionally I would always recommend reflexology. 

Even if it is only part of their treatment time.  It is a very deeply relaxing treatment.  Sometimes our clients simply need to ‘switch off, and switch back on again


Your therapist will begin with a health assessment, which will cover your medical history and any current conditions. 

This technique is based on specific points on the feet which correspond to the rest of the body, and can be targeted based on your health concerns.


Your therapist will begin with massage to warm up the area, before applying light pressure to these points. 

Reflexology is one of our most relaxing treatments.  It is a lovely way to help you unwind and de-stress. 


However you may also feel energised, experience slightly heightened emotions, and notice improved circulation and digestion. Most importantly, relaxed!

No, reflexology is not a painful treatment.  However please do communicate with your therapist. 

As discomfort during your treatment may be an indicator that a particular area needs more attention.  

We get asked this a lot actually.  We have so many nerve endings and receptors in our feet that they can feel ticklish when people touch them unexpectedly. 


However, as there is a purpose to reflexology it should not make you feel ticklish.  

Again, please communicate with your therapist if you have ticklish feet, as there are methods to prevent you feel the need to wriggle away.  I.e. firmer, more obvious movements.  

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