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Pregnancy and Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, our body goes through many changes that we sometimes underestimate.

  Physically, chemically and emotionally our bodies are trying the grasp and ever-changing set of circumstances.  From weight distribution to dietary requirements.  Also, lack of sleep and baby brain. 

We are unable to take many of the medications we would like to just because we are scared of how it may impact our unborn child.  But there are things we can do to help manage the situation.  
Pregnancy massage is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment, aimed at managing the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.  From 3 months onwards you will notice back pain, leg pain, hip pain, and headaches to name a few.  Most of these can be helped with massage therapy.  
This treatment is done in the side-lying position, allowing for firmer work around the shoulders, hips and legs, and lighter pressure on the lower back.  
Willow Massage Centre can also add in the Emmett Technique, a light pressure point technique that is fabulous for pains in the pelvis during pregnancy.  It can also help with the breathlessness some mothers can experience during pregnancy.  

Pregnancy reflexology is also a beautiful treatment that helps your body adapt to your pregnancy more easily.  Women who have had this treatment have reported reduced nausea, fewer headaches, improved sleep and feeling less anxious/more relaxed.  
So rather than suffer in silence or assume that these pains are just ‘normal’ why not book yourself in for a pregnancy treatment with us.  

Or if you know someone who is pregnant, a really great present is a pregnancy gift voucher!  
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