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Ear Reflexology? Why rubbing your ears could improve your health!

Could Ear Reflexology help with stress, anxiety and tension?

You might be familiar with Reflexology, but have you ever heard of Ear reflexology?


Have you ever tried rubbing your ears when you have a headache or are stressed? 

If so, you’ll probably have felt the benefits of Ear Reflexology!

So why does rubbing your ears help? 


Many people have found success by using Ear Reflexology, but there are a few things you should know before you start to rub your ears! Read on to discover the techniques that will let you successfully rub your ears into bliss!


Ear reflexology is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine with the goal of balancing the body through pressure and stimulation. Each organ has a dedicated area on the Ear that would be used to target specific problems.


Reflexology is not just about working with problems, but also mindfulness. Ear Reflexology is something that can be done in the comfort of your own home or in work to help relieve tension.

Below we’ve included a list of techniques that are great for a short de-stresser:


Relieve anxiety with outer ear massage:

With both your right and left palm – cover each ear.

Close your eyes and release your shoulders 

Begin to move your hands in in a circular motion for 90 seconds

Reverse motion for 90 seconds


Ear unrolls

This is a classic with children however works for all ages!

The ear unroll can be used to help you focus:

Start at the top of your ears and unroll the outermost part, 

work your way down to the lobe against your neck

Ear lobe Massage

Using your index finger and thumb:

Rotate your lobe in circling motions for 90 secs

Switch to other ear lobe,

Repeat as needed

It should tie you over until your next massage appointment!

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