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Humble beginnings

At Willow, our therapists are passionate about the benefits of massage therapy.  From the physical to the emotional.  

Set up in 2014 by our therapist Janine, her mission was to encourage  aiding in recovery through the use of massage therapy and other complementary therapies.  

Janine had previously wanted to become a social worker, however illness during exams caused her have a year out between courses.  So in the pursuit of keeping her mind active and an interest in the subject Janine took a short course in massage therapy.  And fell in love!

From there she gained her advanced diploma and then onto a BSc Complementary Therapies degree, focusing on the study of the effects of chronic stress on the immune system.  Also completing a placement through the Inspire Mental Health  Charity, working with people with serious mental health problems.  

Following this Janine worked with victims of the Northern Ireland Troubles through the FASA charity,  and eventually opening Willow Massage Centre on the Castlereagh Road.  

From here she has worked to attain her advanced Emmett Technique Therapist status.  Furthering this to become an Emmett Teacher.

Through this journey Janines’ passion for massage therapy has gotten brighter.  She loves working with people with chronic pain problems/disabilities.  

Through working in this field she has met some truly wonderful therapists.  Some of which have joined the practice, bringing with them their skills and passions to make it a truly fantastic place to visit for body management.

Who can have a treatment here?

We love working with sports people, injured people or people who just want some time to relax.  
As our therapists are some of the most qualified in the country and you can be assured that when you book a treatment with Willow, you will feel the difference!

 What do we offer?

At Willow Massage Centre, we are dedicated to providing a service that is tailored to the clients’ needs. 
We have a range of therapists each with their own speciality.  
We work with injuries, disabilities, pain management and relaxation requirements.

 Where are we located?

Willow Massage Centre is located on the Castlereagh Road, beside  S&L Furniture 
and just up from Aunt Sandra’s sweet shop. 

The future is ours

With more people looking towards alternative therapies and body management, it is important to find the best/most effective treatment for you.

It is becoming more widely understood that prevention is better than the cure.  

Effective body management is important.  Getting a treatment BEFORE the aches and pains cross into needing surgery/medical intervention.  

Massage therapy can help in a number of ways ranging from better muscle/lymphatic/blood movement to relaxation and recovery.

We recommend booking a time and talking through your preferred treatment outcome with your therapist

At Willow, we are happy to mix and match our different therapies in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

Sometimes this means combining sports massage with deep tissue or trigger point therapy.  

For others, the combination of massage and reflexology is exactly what they need.  

Including adding hot stones and aromatherapy where appropriate.  

Alternatively, the Emmett technique on its own is the perfect answer.  

Our team


Senior Therapist

Janine specialises in the Emmett Technique and Recovery.  Trained in Advanced Massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stones and Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy.



Kristina specialises in Sports Massage Therapy and Body Management.  And her luxurious Facials and Hot Stone treatments are not to be missed!

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