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Get the most out of your therapies with the Regular Client Program

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How it works:

Purchase a plan of x5 treatments
paying a deposit of two treatments.

Receive all treatments at the agreed price!

Enjoy greater benefits from your treatments

Deposits cover last two treatments or no show appointments

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With the Regular client program, you lock in the price and choose the treatment 

Your time, your choice.

Get the most out of your treatments with the regular client program​

To help with this we offer our clients a chance to enter our regular client card program.

‘What’s this?’, I hear you ask!
Well it’s a way to get all the loveliness of a massage at a fraction of the price!

Massage has a cumulative effect.  This means that the more you have it the better and the longer lasting the results are.  Your body has muscle memory, this is why when you ride a bike after years you remember how to.  

Quite often we see people getting out of their car to come into the centre with their shoulders up round their ears.  By the time they walk into the centre they have dropped.  Even just coming to the centre relaxes their shoulders. 

Massage and reflexology retrain the body to relax muscles and your stresses.  Yoga is also a useful tool for this, but it doesn’t happen overnight.  Therefore regular massage is a must for anyone who wants to focus on their body management. 


If you are feed up with back pain this is the place to go staff are so friendly and give excellent advice.

April 2019


Had a full body massage the best I ever had.the girl knows what she is doing.im going every week now as it has helped me alot

December 2018

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